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In collaboration with an online bed retailer, the LattenLabor is developing new applications for slatted frames made from old bed frames and returns. The aim is to exploit the spring slats and frame parts made from high-quality beech wood as a material and to put them to further use. This creates a series of light, elegant small pieces of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways.

The participants in the LattenLabor see their work as an invitation to imitation and want to encourage people to creatively transform materials that have fallen out of use in their own everyday lives and to put them to new uses.

The LattenLabor is a project by Kunst-Stoffe e.V. in collaboration with the Haus der Materialisierung. Designers involved so far are Stefan Klopfer (stefan is doing things), Wanja Scheuring, Paul Friedl, Matthias Finck and Corinna Vosse.

Ort: Neukölln Arcaden

Neukölln Arcaden, Karl-Marx-Straße, Berlin, Deutschland

Öffnungszeiten: Mo. - Sa. 10:00 bis 20:00 Uhr

Laufzeit: 10.07. - 10.08.2024
Vernissage: 10.07., um 16.30 Uhr

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