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U-Bahn Station Rathaus Steglitz

Opening times: around the clock

Duration: 03.05. - 30.06.2024


Jan-Micha Gamer

Jan-Micha Gamer is a post-consumer artist dedicated to the recycling of books. Inspired by Cicero's words "A room without books is like a body without a soul", he discovers discarded books by the container and gives them new life. For him, books have a special aura that fills rooms with intellect, passion and adventure. Gamer focuses not only on the content of the books, but also on their shape, style, and material properties, especially in the case of hardcover books. He creates stable and flexible units from book blocks that serve as functional sculptures and furnishings.

In his artistic work, he tests different adhesives and bonding methods to process books in a sustainable way and ensure recyclability. His sculptures consist of dynamic compositions of book block strips that impress with their fragmentary letters and geometric, yet flowing shapes. Gamer's works, which are often reminiscent of natural formations such as water surfaces or rock structures, invite viewers to reflect on paper as a malleable material and the aesthetic value of patterns.

Jan-Micha Gamer, born 1994, is a German artist and designer from Berlin, who studied product design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since 2020, Gamer has been working as an independent artist and designer with a focus on post-consumer design and Bricollage sculptures. Since 2021, he has also been working as an education officer for Education for Sustainable Development, Circular Economy, Zero Waste and Repair, including for Kunst-Stoffe e.V. and NochMall GmbH. Gamer has participated in numerous exhibitions in Berlin, Eindhoven and Rotterdam, where he has presented his innovative work.

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