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Current approaches and innovative projects are presented digitally on our homepage. They will be given a voice and visibility. We create synergies and convey courageous approaches. Together we encourage sustainable change. The various active locations in Berlin can be seen on our interactive city map. In addition, you can share suggestions or content yourself in our city laboratory forum and submit your future-oriented ideas.


Become part of a movement, an exchange for our shared future!

In order to research together with all of you, gather knowledge and build a network, we started our Paper Future Lab by Haus des Papiers. From May to the end of September 2024, we will present contemporary works of art by various artists in local pop-up showcases across Berlin and combine them with creative approaches from crafts, business and educational institutions around the material paper and its future use.


Paper is a material with many facets and enormous power to influence and reshape social structures. But what is the current state of this material and its contemporary potential concerning our future challenges? What innovations are concealed within and around it?



We would like to invite artists who deal with one or more of the following topics related to paper as a material:

  1. Upcycling

  2. Manufacturing processes and materials used, including residual materials recycling

  3. Recycling

  4. Utilization of paper as a substitute for other materials

  5. Alternative materials for producing paper-like end products

  6. Creative ideas in the field of regional crop, water, and energy research

  7. Innovative and/or artistic ideas, concepts and projects that deal with an understanding of sustainable living


On the other hand, we invite theorists and professionals from the field to reach out to us for potential networking, presentation of interesting further developments, or references to existing projects that deal with the topic.


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