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U-Bahn Station Rathaus Steglitz

Opening times: around the clock

Duration: 03.05. - 30.06.2024


Güneş Evrim Yılmaz

Güneş Evrim Yılmaz's work focuses on the reincarnation of natural materials into paper, which she then transforms into visual and functional objects. This process serves as both a commentary and a method of archiving the passage of time, environmental changes and consumption patterns. By reusing materials, Günes highlights the cyclical nature of life and consumption, emphasizing sustainability and the potential for constant renewal and transformation.

As part of the Paper Future Lab, Güneş Evrim Yılmaz presents "Culture Shock" (2023), a work made of hand-recycled paper with flowers and leaves and kozo, a paper made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree.

"The body material was made from old art catalogs and books using hand-recycled papermaking techniques, water-based paints were used for coloring and fallen leaves were used for texture in the pulp. It was completed by various hand-molding techniques.” (Text Güneş Evrim Yılmaz)

Güneş Evrim Yılmaz is a multidisciplinary artist and designer known for her innovative works at the intersection of art, science and design. She was born in Istanbul in 1983 and moved to Berlin in 2023. Her brand "Sukurusu®", founded in Turkey, is known for its unique approach to recycling and material transformation.

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