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Akademie der Suffizienz ("Academy of Sufficiency")

 The project 'One-way goes another way' of the Academy for Sufficiency takes a one-off Towels, also called paper towels, in view. For this short-lived product large quantities of cellulose are consumed, which are not recycled due to the addition of cotton fibres. In Germany, around 100 million pieces are consumed every day (as of 2016), which corresponds to 38 billion per year. With our installation, we want to draw attention to this problem and sensitize people to the associated large consumption of resources with little added value.

The Academy for Sufficiency, located in rural Brandenburg, is a real-world laboratory for ecological economy and develops alternatives in production, distribution and supply. In doing so, it is based on regional exchange and sufficiency as a guiding principle

material cultivation. The academy offers overnight accommodation, group rooms, a self-catering kitchen, various workshops, agricultural test fields, a themed library, fruit and berry garden and a kitchen for food processing and preservation.

Location: TBD

Fischerinsel 3, 10179 Berlin, Deutschland

Opening hours: TBD

Duration: TBD

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