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Annelinde De Jong 

For the Paper Future Lab, Annelinde will create a new installation that is a continuation of her installation 'Objects', a collection of 52 objects she made from found plant material in 2023. The installation consists of a collection of objects, all made from plant material she found in the city. At the center of the collection is a paper tapestry made from grasses and kozo (Japanese paper mulberry tree). The tapestry is visibly made from smaller sheets of paper. Smaller objects have been hung around the tapestry. Each object is different in color, structure and shape.

Annelinde de Jong (*1982, Enkhuizen, NL) is a visual artist living and working in Amsterdam (NL). She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (NL) and at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas in Brussels (BE). For her latest works, Annelinde collects local plant materials such as mown grass, trimmed branches or fallen leaves from various locations in the city. Using the traditional Japanese papermaking process, Annelinde processes these plants into a pulp from which she makes sheets of paper.

From this unusual collection of plants, she builds objects and spatial installations that viewers can interact with in a physical and sensory way. Each natural material gives the paper and thus the objects its own color, structure and texture.

By bringing the outside in, the work aims to reflect on our relationship with our immediate living environment and the way we claim it as our own. To what extent can we shape our environment according to our needs?

Location: TBD

Adresse: TBD

Opening hours: TBD

Duration: TBD

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