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Barbara Friebe 

Barbara Friebe about her work: "For some time now, I have been working on the theme of cocoons made of different paper materials, as sculptures, pictures or collages. No other material in art is as sensual, present and changeable as paper. The cocoon stands for unfolding, transformation, innovation, it always gives birth to new mutants from the same system. It offers protection, it is metamorphosis and magical power at the same time. Every person has his very own cocoon in which he preserves his creativity, his individuality, his emotions, his ego, but also his fear, his aggression, etc. The cocoon enables a potential for action on a very subtle level, for development in a protected environment. It stands for our time, in which permanent actions and decisions create a latent dynamic. A cocoon is space, is shell, is skin."

Barbara Friebe completed an apprenticeship as a display designer and worked as a freelance designer for many years.

In the past 15 years, she has turned more to art, working in many techniques and with different materials, especially paper. For them, it is important to have many to test different design options.

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Location: Anna Seghers Bibliothek

Anna-Seghers-Bibliothek im Linden-Center, Prerower Platz, Bezirk Lichtenberg, Deutschland

Opening times: Mo. - Sa. 9.00 bis 19.00 Uhr
Mi. 13.00 bis 19.00 Uhr

Duration: 01.08. - 31.08.2024

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