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Cem Bora

Cem Bora uses colorful shopping bags or eye-catching packaging materials in his works, takes them apart and puts them together to form new structures. The conceptual connecting element of his works is the strict selection of the templates he uses: only packaging and bags that have come into his household through actual purchases or by mail are deconstructed and redesigned.

Cem Bora's works are interwoven and entangled grids made of paper. What initially looks like an opaque net seems surprisingly familiar at second glance.

Cem Bora was born in Istanbul in 1965 and lives and works in Berlin. The designer's material is paper. Growing up in a home where everything revolved around textiles, Bora was already interested in fabrics, yarns, colors and fashion magazines as a teenager.

Ort: Einkaufzetrum "das Schloss"

Schloßstraße 34, 12163 Berlin1. OG

Opening hours: Mo. - Sa. 10:00 bis 20:00 Uhr

Duration: 03.05. - 29.05.24

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