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Christof Zwiener

Christof Zwiener, born in 1972 in Osnabrück, studied interdisciplinary sculpture at the Braunschweig Academy of Fine Arts and works with Berlin-specific aspects of public space such as transformation, displacement, densification, gentrification and the social and political influences on its perception. In doing so, he repeatedly uses the idea of overlapping times; for him, past, present and future are directly linked to an object, a situation, a building or a place. In general, temporary situations in public space have a specific atmosphere or aura for Zwiener. In recent years, his artistic practice has included curating projects with and in public space, such as the Berlin Britzenale or his current project BETON Berlin. Spaces, squares, places or niches that he selects for the respective project through research and addresses in collaboration with artists have often disappeared from public perception or seem to have become culturally invisible.

As part of the Paper Future Lab by Haus des Papiers, Zwiener's Tiny Forest project Gertraudenhain from 2024 will be presented, which is an example of the sustainable use of urban space through the "reforestation" of the city in order to create a better microclimate within this habitat and also for the entire environment. The forest, the tree, creates the essential connection to our topics. We are pleased about the networking.

Location: TBD

Wallstraße 1, 10117 Berlin

The project is ongoing and can be visited around the clock!

This project is consecutive

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