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Ekin Su Koc 

Kin Su Koc's range of activities ranges from paper collage and painting to plaster, sculptures and fabric collages. With her works on paper and paintings, she creates minimalist figurative compositions about identity and gender. Her sculptures and pieces of fabric, as well as the installations, lead documentary research into a sense of belonging, nomadism and notions of cultural heritage. The figurative works and gestural abstractions reflect themes of migration, displacement, and the fragmented self. Her series combines contrasts and suggests hybrid cultural feminist corrections of patriarchal notes in everyday life and aims to question our perception of our daily environment.

For the Paper Future Lab, the artist works with branches - a very raw form of paper. It covers these branches with old/ancient maps collected from several countries, and written in many languages, e.g. Arabic, English, Hebrew or Armenian. By covering them, trees with paper are brought into direct connection with each other, and Kin Su Koc creates a clear reference to the transformation of the material and humanity. It creates a "transformed" form of nature, but a non-living one. Still aesthetic, but not fruity. It addresses consumer culture, shifts in identity, the environment, and our daily perceptions. 

Location: TBD

Adresse: TBD

Opening hours: TBD

Duration: TBD

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