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Faculty of Design at the Technical University of Nuremberg

PaperProducts is a semester project of the students of the Faculty of Design at the Technical University in Nuremberg.

In a three-month discourse, everyday products are created that consist mainly of pulp. To achieve this, the products, their manufacture, their use and their entire life cycle must be rethought in order to meet the special challenges but also the versatile design possibilities of the material. Material experiments are carried out as models, tools and production methods are developed. Using prototypes, our hypothesis is tested – paper can do more than just packaging! Paper doesn't have to be a disposable product! And: Paper as a serious material opens up new possibilities in product design!

Participating students:

Iman Hesabi, Leonie Hoppe, Luisa Maier, Marilia Monteiro, Marie Roth, Fiona Sauvageot, Johannes Schindler, Joy Schoeller, Leona Schremmer, Artem Sokolov, Eli Stoyanova, Evelyn Szalontai, Leonie Tschernich, Johanna Weidhaus, Axel Winklbauer

Supervised by Prof. Olaf Thiele in the Modul Computer Generated Object Design

Location: Boesner Marienfelde

boesner GmbH - Berlin-Marienfelde, Nunsdorfer Ring, Berlin, Deutschland

Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 9.30 to 18.00 pm
Sat. 10.00 to 16.00 pm

Duration: September

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