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Kevin Bright 

Kevin Bright's journey took a significant turn when he decided to take a break from his studies at Pratt Manhattan University to immerse himself in the art scene. His work has been exhibited in both the United States and Europe, and he has curated art exhibitions in New York and Berlin. Bright previously worked at the König Galerie Berlin, together with her artists Jorinde Voigt and Anselm Reyle. Bright's creations, including his Autobody brand, are insider favorites, purchased from renowned artists and industry specialists. The multidisciplinary art practice arises from the subconscious and seeks synergies and unexpected results that result from different creative styles and influences. 

Previously, taxidermy was considered the ultimate prize for hunters, but today it is considered to be 

as a relic of the past. In Bright's latest project, he recovers old hat boxes from a French hat to breathe new life into them. This series, called "Boxidermy", involves adding eyes to the open ends of these hat box holders. It's a way to avoid throwing away those cardboard holders that were originally made from a tree. The eyes also have a symbolic weight: by showing these former hat boxes with eyes, the artist evokes a contemplation similar to that one might feel when looking at a traditional taxidermy. It is a reminder of the impact of humans on the environment, and at the same time a glimpse into the artistry of something that once existed. 

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