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Livia Rauch 

A box moves as if by itself.

 Sometimes fingers and hands come, at some point

 a whole body emerges from it. Again and again

 new forms provide associations. Sometimes you recognize

 architectural structures, sometimes an insect The

 Cardboard comes to life, man and cardboard merge

Livia Rauch lives and works in Berlin. From 2014 to 2022 she studied fine arts teaching under Prof. Ina Weber, with whom she later completed her master's degree in fine arts. Her works have been part of group exhibitions such as "The meeting has not yet begun" at the Laura Mars Gallery (2021), "A Thin Line" at the Satellite Gallery Nagoya (2022), "Another everyday life" at the Künstlerhaus Bregenz (2023) and "Napping in Density" at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art (2024). For her artistic work, Livia Rauch received the Price for Excellence of the Takifuji Art Award in Japan in 2023.

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Location: shopping mall "das Schloss"

Schloßstraße 34, 12163 Berlin1. OG

Öffnungszeiten: Mon. - Sat. 10:00 to 20:00 pm

Duration: 03.05.24 - 29.05.2024

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