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Lucia Biller

Lucia Biller (born 1989) lives and creates her art in and about Berlin. She creates miniatures, cut-up literature, blackout poetry, collages and writes short stories. In addition, she has a passion for mail art, which she creates with one of her typewriters and sends worldwide.

Old books are rough diamonds for the artist.The structure of the old paper fascinates her, the stories, but also the question of whose hands they have already been.

She reads between the lines and transforms what has been done before into something new. Instead of gathering dust or ending up in waste paper, visual poetry is created. Her way of working is exploratory, experimental, questioning. In doing so, she enters into a dialogue with the material paper: "How long can I resist the urge to work on it? Who transforms whom? And who am I in the process?"

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Location: Ribbeck-Haus Märkisches Viertel

Senftenberger Ring 54 13435 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 10:00 to 16:00 pm

Duration: August to September

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