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Michelle Schingerlin 

Newspapers, packaging and wire are transformed into "upcycled craft", bowls and trophies. South Africa has a rich heritage of traditional arts and crafts. Contemporary craftsmanship shows the parallel developments as well as the mutual influence of different traditions. 

The initiative "wirework - contemporary south african hand craft", founded by Michelle Schingerlin, is a mouthpiece for many artists. The participants act as artist collectives and each project is created in teamwork. With individual and high-quality products, the initiative has been cooperating with exhibition houses, museum shops and shops from Berlin since 1996.  Schingerlin's personal approach from the beginning has been to create sustainable work through the creative use of, in this case, paper.

Location: Boesner Marienfelde

boesner GmbH - Berlin-Marienfelde, Nunsdorfer Ring, Berlin, Deutschland

Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 9.30 to 18.00 pm
Sat. 10.00 to 16.00 pm

Duration: TBD

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