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Moritz Wermelskirch 

CD cover

handmade paper from shredded books

Moritz Wermelskirch has created a CD sleeve made of handmade paper for the #Tau project of the Berlin electronic musician Boris D Hegenbart, for which he used shredded books. The music is mainly based on sampling and editing of voices and nature sounds. Accordingly, he wanted to create a shell that uses artisanal means to process a fabric into something new, but at the same time leaves the original product recognizable. He processed paper from books with water in a kitchen mixer into a paper pulp and used a sieve frame to scoop the individual leaves out of the porridge in the shape of a sleeve. Scraps of words and letters can still be seen in the finished box. The edges of the box are the real deckle edges, nothing is trimmed afterwards. Each case is unique. The circulation was 500 copies.

Moritz Wermelskirch was a bookbinder, bronze caster, surveyor, architect and graphic artist. He has been a freelance artist since 1996 and always works according to the situation: both in his space-forming light installations and on objects made from found objects and transformed materials. He is currently active in the model project House of Statistics.

Ort: HTW Bibliothek
1. OG - Infopoint

Wilhelminenhofstraße 75A, 12459 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 10:00 bis 9:00 pm
Sat. 12:00 bis 6:00 pm

Duration: July - (more information will follow soon)

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