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Oliver Otto Rednitz 

Ever since Oliver Otto Rednitz intervened with posters in public space, he has had an enthusiasm for the countless layered advertising posters, which become three-dimensional reliefs through constant pasting over and changing weather conditions. The plasticity of the posters is highlighted, enhanced and sustainably processed in its complexity. Between abstraction and Pop Art, a symbiosis of the opposites of consumption and culture emerges.

In his series PAPERWORX, Rednitz uses fragments of other posters in the last level, whose motifs or slogans are freed from brands. The result is three-dimensional objects that invite discourse and critically question advertising strategies. Waste products or seemingly useless materials are transformed into objects of higher value. Resources are conserved and waste is reduced. Finally, the entire paper cycle will be reconsidered and critically examined.

Already during his studies of architecture in Braunschweig, Stuttgart, Barcelona and London as well as in addition to his practical work as an architect in Rotterdam, Budapest, Shanghai and Berlin, Oliver Otto Rednitz passionately dealt with artistic topics. Since 2003, he has been intervening with posters in public space to create spiritual sculptures and describe a social sculpture. His poster art regenerates the increasingly privatized public space and encourages viewers to discuss focal points of social life. Its goal is to promote social responsibility, love, respect and compassion. Through installations and happenings, he creates a basis for communication and conversation between people. Most recently, he has been intensively involved with large-format collages that critically question and neutralize advertising strategies.

Location: Berlin Recycling

Monumentenstraße 14, 10829 Berlin, Deutschland

Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 8.00 to 18.00 pm

Duration: August

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