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Solveig Gubser

Solveig Gubser (1984) is a designer (Industrial Design, MA, UdK Berlin) and freelance artist from Switzerland. She currently lives and works in the Netherlands.

Parallel to her work as a designer, she works intensively with the medium of drawing, installation, intervention and photography.

Her focus is on process-based, generative work, the visual language created through serial work and the possibilities for its further development.
Random elements, found objects and observations from her everyday life and nature are the inspiration and starting point of her work.

Location: Anna Seghers library

Anna-Seghers-Bibliothek im Linden-Center, Prerower Platz, Bezirk Lichtenberg, Deutschland

Opening times: Mon. - Sat. 9.00 to 7.00 pm
Wed. 13.00 to 7.00 pm

Duration: 01.09. - 30.9.2024

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