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Susanne Ruppert 

"Ode(r) Papier" is a fascinating spatial installation by Susanne Beatrix Ruppert, which was created on site in the Lower Oder Valley National Park. The installation deals with the so-called Oder paper, a material that attaches itself to the reeds in the national park and is reminiscent of handmade paper or felted fabrics in its feel and appearance. Particularly impressive is the transparency and structure of this extremely fine material, which - held against the light - looks like a graphic work.

The origin of the Oder paper is green filamentous algae, which look like cotton wool in the water and can be found throughout the national park. These algae settle when the flood water runs off the polders, dry and form unique nets. These nets are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also pose an ecological challenge as they become entrenched in the shipping lanes and fish traps.

The floating bodies of the fish traps have also been integrated into the installation to maintain the balance of the installation while symbolizing the relationship between man and nature. These floating bodies stand for human intervention in nature and emphasize the need for mutual mindfulness and a balanced ecological balance.

In 2023, the artist tried to create paper from filamentous algae as part of a seminar in the Oderbruch. This experimental technique has deeply inspired her and shows the potential for further artistic and ecological research. Paper-making with the thread algae was originally a by-product of their installation, which is known in the Oderbruch as Oder paper. For the Paper Future Lab, Ruppert plans to continue experimenting with this organic material and explore the many possibilities that arise from it. Their goal is to share the results of these experiments with viewers and raise awareness of the interactions between art, nature, and ecology.

Susanne Ruppert is a freelance stage and costume designer, set designer, scenographer and communication designer working throughout Germany for theatre, opera, film and television as well as various companies. As a lecturer, she has taught in children's, youth and adult education, including as head of the stage design class at the Movimentos Academy of the Autostadt Wolfsburg. She is a member of the Scenography Association. Her honours and prizes include the production of "Bluebeard" as part of the exhibition "Springboard" at the Association of Scenographers in 2011, the Adam Award in Gold for the temporary capital shop "be Berlin" in 2009 and a special prize for her media production "Angel" in the Nikolaikirche Berlin in 2009. 


Ort: Haus der Materialisierung

Karl-Marx-Allee 1, 10178 Berlin, Deutschland

Opening hours: Tue. - Thu. 3:00 bis 7:00 pm

Duration: 11.06. - 14.08.24

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