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Wu Wei

The works blur the boundaries between nature and artificiality. Just like our contemporary society, they raise questions about how we will deal with it in the future.

Wu Wei was born in 1981 in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. In 2012, Wu Wei graduated with a master's degree from the Department of Experimental Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts, and now lives in Beijing. He has participated in international art residencies in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany. His works have been exhibited internationally. Public collections include Minsheng Modern Art Museum, Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Whitebox Art Center, White Rabbit Gallery (Australia) and other institutions.

Location: shopping mall "das Schloss"

Schloßstraße 34, 12163 Berlin1. OG

Opening hours: Mon. - Sat. 10:00 bis 8:00pm

Duration: 03.05. - 29.05.24

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